Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Weigh-in - Week 74

It could so easily be worse! I went to a party on Saturday night and had quite a bit to drink plus various nibbles and a rather sugary piece of birthday cake. Then I followed that with a larger than necessary piece of rump steak for my dinner on Sunday, complete with a jacket spud, onion rings and coleslaw, washed down with a large red wine and followed by a couple of pints of "Roasted Nuts" from my favourite local brewery.

After all of that, I've managed to Stay The Same!

I did enjoy the party, though, as there were quite a number of people that I haven't seen for quite a while and the were all complementing me on how well I looked have lost all the weight - I practically had NSV's coming out of my ears and it was quite an ego boost too! One of my friends wives (I'm really not sure what the grammar should be for that - it was the wife of a friend and he only has one wife) gave me a cuddle and said "wow, I've never been able to wrap my arms around you before"!

Earlier on in my blogs, you will have read that I was amazed that the odd day of extravagance had virtually no effect on my weight loss. Unfortunately, now I am further down the road, it would seem that it can have an effect! Not to worry, though, the whole point of the weightwatchers plan is that it is meant to work in the real (as opposed to the dieting) world, and in the real world parties do frequently happen! Although not as frequently as they used to, sadly.

Back in this real world of ours, we will have to deal with parties and other things that will occasionally cause a jump in weight - we will do this by immediately getting back on the plan! The main thing that I/We must remember when we've got to our target weight is that the new pounds that want to attach themselves to our bodies are sneaky buggers - we won't see them as they join us one at a time, we might not even see a whole rugby teams worth until, one day, when it's far to late for remedial action, we'll be 2 or 3 stones heavier again. To avoid this scenario, we must continue to weigh ourselves on a regular basis and take action as soon as the scale starts going up.

I have now accepted the fact that I am not going to achieve my Christmas target of being "overweight", so I have amended my target to being "under 16 stones" - 2.8lbs in 4 weigh-ins (including Christmas day) - that should be achievable even with my relatively slow progress. I have accepted that I am unlikely to be getting big losses now and am quite happy as long as I average about 1lb a week - it's definitely more difficult to lose weight when you weight 16st than it is when you weigh 21st :-(

Anyway, here's hoping I lose a bit more at my next weigh-in (it could be a bit tricky as I'm going out for an Indian curry on Thursday night and there's more rugby on Saturday). Good luck with your weight loss efforts and I'll report back next week.

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