Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Weigh-in - Week 25

Well it's week 25 and the last weigh-in before Christmas and, unfortunately, I've missed my target of being below 18st for Christmas :-(
After the weight gain of a few weeks ago, I thought it would be tough, but achievable! Sadly it just wasn't to be, for reasons that are not really obvious to me. I've done nothing different in the last few weeks that would explain this slow down, although, due to a touch of man-flu (a minor cold if there's any ladies reading), I've not done any exercise since the beginning of last week.

On the bright side, I have lost weight this week and am feeling very pleased with that. My target for the next two weigh-ins is to Stay The Same, if I happen to lose any weight then that is a quite considerable bonus.

I must apologise to any regular readers of this blog, assuming I have any, for not posting an update last week. I think I'm beginning to find it a bit more difficult to think of things to write each week and I was feeling a little under the weather so I couldn't muster up the enthusiasm to write. I promise that I will try harder in the future.

Have a very happy Christmas, try not to put on too much weight and be ready to start afresh in the New Year.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Weigh-in Week 23

Late with my post again this week! I've got to try and work less hard!

After the disappointments of the last 3 weigh-ins I've finally had a reasonable loss this week of 2.8lbs, which brings my total loss to 2st 8.6lbs (I get awarded another silver star this week) and puts me 5.4lbs and a bit above my Christmas target of under 18st with 2 weigh-ins to go. If I can manage to lose 2.7 and a bit lbs each week I can still do it!

This last week has been a much easier one for my with no extra activities to lead me astray. Luckily I don't have any opportunities for excessive eating and drinking between now and Christmas, mainly due to the fact that I don't have any Christmas parties to attend as the company I'm working for is in financial trouble (aren't they all?) and they can't justify the expenditure this year.

Yesterday evening, when I should have been writing this blog, I was working on compiling a Photo Book on my "Hackintosh" Computer with my wife. During this time I remarked that I thought I was almost down to the same weight as I appeared to be in a photograph taken when our son was a month or two old (he'll be 12 in January), my wife said that I was much less than that! I guess this counts as a NSV!

Another NSV, that actually happened a couple of weeks ago but I forgot to report it, was when my wife said that my jogging bottoms were far too baggy and promptly went out an bought me a new pair - size: Large, not XXL or XL, but Large. What's more, they fit really rather well!

Anyway, onwards and downwards. I'll be back to report again next week.