Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Weigh-in - Week 88

A much better week this week - 2.4lbs off! So I'm back down to 16st 4.0lbs and heading in the right direction again.

This week I've been much better at tracking and much better at exercising and I credit the exercise with countering the effect of any non-tracked snacking (which I've kept down this week anyway).

I managed to use the Crosstrainer 3 times this week, which is my normal target, so I'm quite pleased about that as I have struggled to get back into the habit of using it on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. I've also re-introduced walking into my weekly schedule and managed to get a 30 minute walk in on Friday and another one in yesterday morning. The pain that I had in my legs after my first brisk walk has gone now - I put that down to resting until Friday and then only walking at a gentle, rather than brisk, pace. I shall continue to have gentle walks for another few sessions and then up the pace later.

My worst food day was Sunday, when the "Outlaws" took us out to a carvery lunch at our local Golf Course. It was a fine lunch, but I really shouldn't have rounded it off with a Treacle Sponge with Ice Cream (does Ice Cream have fewer points than Custard?). That and a few drinks made Sunday a high point day and used up all of my remaining weekly Pro-Points allowance.

This coming week will, hopefully not be too bad for opportunities for overdoing it, apart from the fact that I'm going out on Friday night for some drinks with some friends and, on Sunday, I'll be going to the pub to watch England vs Italy in the Six Nations. As long as I keep up the exercise I don't see that these two events should cause too much damage - I'll find out at my weigh-in next Tuesday, I guess.