Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Weigh-in - Week 65

I've not got a lot to post about this week as it's been fairly uneventful. I lost 1lb at this morning's weigh in, so that's 3/4 of the holiday weight gain gone! Hopefully next week I'll have lost it all and be back on the way down. that 1lb loss means I'm on track for my "overweight by Christmas" target (15st 11lbs according to my iPhone app, 16st 01lb according to the BBC BMI Calculator - I'm aiming for the iPhone app target).

Mrs TBI decided that we should get rid of some of my old pairs of jeans & trousers that are now too big for me - it was quite a nice feeling to be seeing the back of them AND it makes it much easier when I need to find a clean pair to put on!

I manged to go to another Yoga class on Friday evening and I must say I felt pretty good afterwards and had a really good night's sleep. I did have a little pain around the shoulders on Saturday, but I think that sort of thing will pass as I get used to the poses, especially if I learn to relax into them a bit more.

I've only done 2 crosstrainer sessions this week, but they were both good. I've still not got back into the kettlebells - I will try harder this week to kickstart myself into doing them regularly.

I cooked a nice Beef n Ale Stew on Saturday, which I had with some Butternut Squash. It was very nice, but the next one I make will be from the Hairy Dieters recipe book. On Sunday I cooked up a batch of the Hairy Bikers South American Chilli. I used my own home grown "Apache" Chilli's, but the resulting chilli (which I tried last night) is a little mild for my taste - next time I'll put more Apaches in.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Weigh-in - week 64

Well that's nearly half of the holiday weight gain gone - I lost 1lb at this morning's weigh-in, putting my current weight at 16st 8.6lbs. Obviously my first target for now is to lose the remaining 2.2lbs and get back to the weight I was before my holiday, after that my target is to be "overweight by christmas"! to do this I need to be 15st 11lbs or, preferably, less. I've got 15 weeks to do it and, according to my "Ultimate Value Diary" app on my iPhone, it'll take me 13 weeks at my current average weekly loss - it's definitely doable! Maybe, when I get to "overweight" I will start to think about my goal weight, I'm not sure it's going to be in the "normal" range though, I'm already being told "don't lose too much"!

Normal, for me according to the app is 13st 2lbs, according to the BBC BMI Calculator it's 13st 6lbs and overweight is 16st 1lb! I wonder why there's a 4lb difference? Perhaps I should just go by the BBC Calculator?

On the exercise front, I've been very good at keeping up with my crostrainer routine, but terrible with the kettlbells (in fact, I haven't done a routine with the 'bells all week). I did, however, attend my first yoga class last Friday. It was interesting and very difficult for me to achieve many of the poses, but the instructor was very helpful and was able to tell me how to get the best out of what I was able to do. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was able to move everything perfectly normally the following morning. I'll be going back again this Friday and, hopefully, it will become a regular activity for me and I will find it easier as time goes on. The aim of the yoga, as my reader will know, is to get more flexible so that I find it easier to stand up on a surf board when I next get a chance to try surfing. I'm not sure that one yoga class a week will be enough but, as I start to get used to the poses, I will try and so some of them at home in between classes.

That's all from me this week, if you too are trying to lose weight, good luck.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Weigh-in - Week 63

Well I had hoped to lose a bit more this week, but 0.8lbs still means I've started to lose my holiday addition. I don't suppose having a curry on Saturday followed by a barbeque on Sunday will have helped! The trip to the brewery for a free p*%s up tonight won't help either, but these things have to be done!

I missed out one crosstrainer session last week, although I have matched my personal best twice since my return from holiday, so maybe a longer period between crosstrainer sessions might be a good idea. I haven't been very good at all when it comes to the kettlebell sessions as I only managed one session last week and that was a bit half-hearted if I'm honest.

I've been investigating local Yoga classes and have decided to try one on Friday at our local leisure centre, luckily I have a friend that will be coming along too to hide some of my embarrassment when I can't do any of the moves. I'll let you know, in next week's blog, how I get on.

That's all for this week.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Weigh-in - Week 62

Well I'm back after one of the best holidays I can remember. We went to a cottage, on a golf course, near St Gilles Croix de Vie in the Vendee region of France. After 2 weeks I am very pleased to say that at this morning's official Weigh-In I have only gained 4lbs, which means that my current weight is 16st 10.4lbs - my target for the holiday was to come back below 17st. Hopefully, by getting back on track, this small gain will come off as quickly as it went on.

For the first time I have been able to enjoy (yes enjoy) an active holiday, which made my son very happy. My son and I were able to go surfing, which, as my regular reader will know, is one of the targets I set for myself when I started WeightWatchers. We had 4 1.5hour lessons with a very nice Frenchman called David. After the first lesson my son had pretty much cracked it and was able to stand up on the board and ride the waves in, I, unfortunately, only managed to stand up and fall straight off by the 3rd lesson (and I didn't get any better in the last lesson). I can say that it really was great fin and I couldn't have done it without losing the weight and getting fit over the last year. I know now what I need to be able to do in order to surf properly, so, by the time we go on next year's holiday (back to the same place, it's already booked!), I will need to be more flexible and agile. Flexible and agile are not words that have ever been used in any description of me, so please wish me luck and let me know of any tips that might help me achieve it.

As well as the surfing, we managed to get one round of 9 holes of golf in. Unfortunately it was quite expensive and both my son & I felt that the money was better spent on the surfing. We did enjoy the golf though and we did our best to get full value for money out of the round (golfers will know what I mean by that).

My downfall on this holiday, if you can call a mere 4lb gain over 2 weeks a downfall, was the nibbles, wine and beer by the pool and the occasional Run & Raisin Ice cream, plus the odd glass (bottle) of wine and beer. I managed to achieve this remarkably small gain while not tracking at all. In fact I just treated the holiday as though I wasn't on a diet and I ate and drank exactly what I wanted to.

Now that I am back I have started tracking again (yesterday) and I went on the CrossTrainer for the first time in over 2 weeks this morning (we got back from our holiday on Saturday evening). I did take my kettlebell with me, but only did 2 sessions with it, the surfing was more than adequate exercise. I'll be doing the kettlebell workout tomorrow and, hopefully, I'll soon be back into my normal exercise routine.

I'll report back next week to let you know how I've done at losing the holiday pounds, bye for now.