Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Weigh-in - Week 71

Well, after a couple of days of self-sabotage, I managed to keep the weight gain down to just 1.2lbs this week! I'm actually quite pleased with that because it means I'm still below my pre-holiday weight and I think my target of "overweight by Christmas" is still achievable - just.

My first act of sabotage was (very expensive) Nacho's with cheese and jalepenos at the cinema (Skyfall of course) with my son on Friday afternoon - followed by a chinese takeaway in the evening. I probably could have got away with that had it not been for drinks and nibbles at a friends on Saturday evening after the local firework display - the drinks and nobbles turned out to be a lot of drinks and a lot of nobbles after a day where I had already consumed my daily allowance of 44 points! Owing to a slight haziness towards the end of the evening, I didn't even attempt to count the points!

Also, as a result of the drinks and nibbles, I didn't manage to persuade myself to get on the crosstrainer on Sunday morning, so only two sessions this week and still no other exercise besides the Yoga, which isn't designed to help me lose weight.

It's also going to be tricky to keep within the ProPoints limits this weekend as it's the first of the Autumn Internationals on Saturday - England vs Fiji. At least England should emerge victorious from this encounter, I just wish I could be as certain of victory for the remaining 3 matches.

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