Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Weigh-in - Week 87

Another poor week which has resulted in a gain of 0.4lbs - this is becoming something of a habit, one that I desperately need to break. I'm now back up to 16st 6.4lbs and I'm not at all happy to be here!

I'm still finding it difficult to avoid snacking on things that I shouldn't be snacking on and I'm not helping myself by not exercising! In the past I've been able to rely on the exercise to take care of any little snacks that I haven't tracked, but for the last month or so I haven't been exercising regularly so I haven't had the buffer zone that I've been used to!

I said last week that I intended to use the crosstrainer at least 3 times (Thursday, Saturday and this morning) but I only managed to do it this morning :-( Obviously I've got to get a grip and force myself to do it this week.

I also said that I would start walking again, which I did manage to do on Sunday morning. Unfortunately it's been such a long time since I walked any distance at a brisk pace that I have ended up with rather painful shins. Hopefully the pain will have gone by Friday and I can do another walk then - I'm sure that it's just a case of easing back into it and the pain will eventually subside. I'll try and walk more slowly on Friday to avoid the pain coming back.

Anyway from today I resolve to track everything, exercise more and to lose at least some of the gain from the last two weeks.

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