Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Weigh-in - Week 86

As is usual after a gain, I am late posting this week!

Unfortunately I've gained 2.8lbs this week, which brings me back up to 16st6lbs. I know why I've gained, it's because I've not done any exercise AND I've been particularly bad at tracking this last week. I've eaten out twice (once was Chinese, which always means a lot of points) and I've been snacking a LOT - a handful of peanuts on too many occasions and the odd piece of chocolate. None of this would be bad on it's own, but add them all together and you get a weight gain.

In the coming week I simply MUST avoid all of the little bits of bad and stick to the plan! It won't be easy, but I will do it! I must make sure that I have plenty of points available for Saturday, since England are playing France in the Six Nations and that will involve beer. But, other than that, there should be no excuses for not sticking to the plan this week.

Mind you, this week hasn't started well as I should have used the Crosstrainer yesterday morning and I didn't. My excuse is that I'm suffering from a couple of aches and pains from the Indoor Surfing that I did on Sunday, the reason is that I've just been too lazy to crack on and do it. Well lazy no more I WILL do it on Thursday morning and Saturday and again next Tuesday. In between times, I really need to start walking again, so I'll try and get out for a couple of early morning walks too.

The Indoor Surfing, while a little painful with a couple of falls and knocks, was great fun! We started off using bodyboards and that was quite easy - we even managed to do a couple of tricks with them. After that it was on to trying to stand up on a skateboard sized surf board (it's quite different to real surfing). I found it quite difficult to get and maintain my balance on the surfboard, but on my last go I was able to stand for a short while, so I definitely improved with each attempt. My overall conclusion of it is that the bodyboarding is quite easy to get the hang of and, therefore, more fun sooner while the surfing is much more difficult, but will be more fun once mastered. My son thinks that real surfing is actually easier, once you've managed to stand up on the board (with Indoor Surfing, you start standing up). I do plan on going back for another go quite soon.

Now I need to think of something else to do that I would never have done before when I was 21 stones - a new go-karting track has just opened up near to where we live, so I might give that a go sometime soon.

Stay tuned for more revelations next week, when, hopefully, I will have lost some more of this fat blokes body. Bye for now.

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